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The Civil Protection Knowledge Partnership Platform - Middle East

The specific objective of the project is to support new and consolidate existing partnerships in civil protection and disaster risk management in the Middle East that enhance cooperation and synergies in prevention, preparedness, and response. Disaster Risk Management actors of the Middle East will be connected with their counterparts inside the European Union. In addition, the cooperation between civil protection and the humanitarian community will be strengthened following the role-model of the International Humanitarian Partnership.

Our Objective

Is to support civil protection and disaster risk management actors that promote and facilitate the development, dissemination and exchange of knowledge, good practices and expertise in the Middle East and between the European Union and Middle Eastern countries.
Good Practices
Improved Coordination
Research and Dissemination
Experience in Civil Protection
Project Partners

Regional Government of Styria (GovST), Austria – Department of Civil Protection

The Department of Civil Protection of the Government of Styria (GovST) is the responsible point of contact for all civil protection and crisis management issues in the State of Styria, Austria. 

This includes for instance supervising the fire brigades, responsibility for helicopter rescuing, disaster medicine, psychosocial acute care, avalanche warning, disaster protection management and for the digital radio for the emergency services. 

The Early Warning, Alert and Information Centre of Styria is located within the Department. With this facility, the Department serves as an information-, communication‐ and coordination hub for all matters  relating to disaster and crisis management within Styria. 

Within the project the Government of Styria – Department of Civil Protection is responsible for the overall project management and the execution of work package 2. 

Website: http://www.katastrophenschutz.steiermark.at

Cyprus Civil Defense (CCD) is a department of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Cyprus. Its main mission is to take measures in response to natural or man-made disasters, the size of which may cause hazards to the life and welfare of citizens or extensive damage to the environment and natural resources of the Republic. It is also the focal point for the Union Civil Protection Mechanism and participates in a number of committees of the EU. It participates in the Heureka project and will be supporting the project partners in achieving their aims, while also being responsible for organizing the final workshop in Cyprus, to present the results of the project.

Website: http://www.moi.gov.cy/MOI/CD/cd.nsf/home/home?openform


The Disaster Competence Network Austria (DCNA) is a cooperation platform of universities and research institutions in the field of security and disaster research, founded in 2017 with offices at the Technical University of Graz and the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences in Vienna. The aim of the DCNA is to transfer scientific insights into practice by connecting research institutions, government agencies, emergency response organizations, and corporations through collaborative research and education activities – both in Austria but also beyond national borders.

Within HEUREKA the DCNA is responsible for the risk assessment, quality management and project evaluation. Furthermore, it will help to elaborate a governance frame to set up a network and sustaining partnership structure for the future in the region. In this context different already existing/funded national/international DRR platforms found will be analyzed too and ways for a cooperation developed.


website: https://www.dcna.at/index.php/en/home.html

CERIDES – Excellence in Innovation and Technology, established in 2017, is the first cross-disciplinary, cross-school Center of Excellence of European University Cyprus. It is the first organisation in Cyprus and in the wider Eastern Mediterranean area which conducts research activities in the specific area of Risk Management and its applications. CERIDES researchers have designed and developed several innovative risk-related tools and procedures which are already being used by academic, industrial, and governmental stakeholders.

CERIDES will organize the workshops and two hackathons under the HEUREKA project and will help coordinate workshops with partners and stakeholders.

Website: https://cerides.euc.ac.cy

An-Najah National University is a public institution whose mission is to advance learning, share knowledge and foster the skills needed in young men and women to succeed as people and professionals in all spheres of life. An-Najah also aims to instill a love of understanding in the students and to promote a culture of scientific excellence. The University strives to equip its students with the skills necessary to be productive and creative members of the Palestinian society and to compete in the domestic, Arab and international work markets.

The University is also dedicated to advancing scientific research on a global level and to meeting the community’s needs by participating in sustainable economic, technical and human development. Additionally, An-Najah strives to preserve the cultural and religious heritage of the Palestinian people and to increase knowledge of this heritage.


Website: https://www.najah.edu/en/home/#

The Lebanon Reforestation Initiative is a Lebanese NGO registered at Ministry of Interior and Municipalities (no. 1186/2014) that aims to expand, manage and protect Lebanon’s forests and landscapes through a community-based approach. LRI works on building resilient communities to environmental threats, increasing environmental awareness and education, advocating for forest conservation, and advancing research in the forestry field.

In HEUREKA, LRI is supporting in the development of the knowledge sharing platform and in organizing a thematic workshop in Lebanon.

Website: https://www.lri-lb.org/


Resilience Solutions International is a start-up management consultancy in Austria engaged in supporting sustainable development through disaster risk reduction and climate change adaptation and mitigation. Resilience Solutions was established in 2016 and is offering services from research and analysis to design, creation and implementation of strategies and projects that solve disaster and climate change impacts to businesses and societies. A specific area of expertise is planning and conducting of civil protection exercise and training projects in various formats and regions around the globe.

In HEUREKA, Resilience Solutions International will support the project coordinator in planning and conducting project workshops, contribute to communication and visibility, as well as project reports; and support the project coordinator in knowledge development, organizational learning and future cooperation.


D.M.A.T. Consulting KG is a registered limited partnership in LIEBOCH/AUSTRIA. Since 2015 DMAT is member of the initiative of proETHIK of the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber as well as supporter of the Global Compact Network Austria.

D.M.A.T. Consulting KG mainly works in the European Union Civil Protection Mechanism, either in projects like ResponSEE, HEUREKA, PlugIn- and Host Nation Support exercises, MODEX as well as in trainings (e.g. Trainer at the Assessment Mission course, etc. ..)

Website: https://www.dmat.at

Prepared International (PPI) is an expert organization that was founded by experienced international disaster management experts during the response to the 2015 Nepal Earthquake. We are specialized in consultancy, research and training services in the field of Disaster Risk Reduction, Preparedness and Resilience, in order to inform political decision-making and to provide effective capacity-building strategies in the long term. The PPI approach encompasses a holistic set of tools for approaching Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR), including the development of preparedness models, organizational development and restructuring, self-adaptive systems, and strategies for governance and mass evacuation. Key focus areas are urban resilience design by smart disaster risk management, climate change adaption, global maritime preparedness and disaster risk diplomacy.

In the project, Prepared International is supporting in translating science and research into operational advantage.

Website: https://www.prepared-international.org/